Thursday, July 2, 2009


Occasionally when I am having difficulty with the foggy human-ness of life and can't see the rocks well enough to navigate safely to shore, the sailor in my heart turns the ship to the open sea. The wind rushes at my face reminding me to breathe, the salty spray mingles with my tears and I remember to look up and out, at the beauty that cradles my imagined smallness. For an instant, I grow wings and the world smiles with abandon through my eyes. For an instant I am not Angelina, beset with emotions and a tangle of thoughts, desires and limitations, instead, I am the wild dance of life breathing life and all the space in between. In that moment I am home. My beautiful younger brother and kindred soul, Danny, once described this as being a sailor. A 'sailor' is something bigger than someone who sets out on a literal boat, it is a way of inhabiting the shifting sea of life while embracing a horizon wide with possibility. I like that. The next few posts are devoted to the sights along the way.

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