Tuesday, March 12, 2013


 Lonely.  Everyone has experienced the weight of being surrounded by people and gripped by loneliness.  Lonely is different from "alone".  Alone has always been a friend of mine, a cherished beloved who sits quietly an my side and in his stillness I can hear the early morning sound of birdsong and wind with deafening clarity.  Loneliness is something all together different.  A cold bedfellow who steals all the warmth and leaves your heart aching against the night.
I have taken to buying myself flowers every week and tenderly arranging colorful bouquets throughout the house.  I breathe love notes softly in the air and smile at my reflection in the mirror, heart open in welcome.
And when the tides of longing arise, I wrap my arms warm about me and embrace the waves.

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Wind said...

I kiss you again and again. No flower lovelier than you.