Tuesday, July 9, 2013


There are times in my life when I stand on the mountain's peak and look across a wide vista, hands perched confidently on my hips, surveying my progress with a certain air of accomplishment.  

There are times when I sit waist deep in muck and mire, assessing the swamp land of old patterns and outworn beliefs, shocked that there are still such uninhabitable lowlands along the path.

It startles me to realize that, despite my large brain and years of "seeking/learning/meditating" (or more likely because of them),  I don't actually know what life is about or where it is leading or even where exactly I have been.

I am humbled when I look out at the great unknown from a simple vantage of surrender and realize that the only courageous act I can make is to step into this moment with abandon.

Life is an adventure.  

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