Friday, July 12, 2013


 Bodhi and I left the hustle and bustle behind and wound our way up Golden Gate Canyon Road to White Ranch Open Space where we spent the next several hours amidst a sea of grass.  The sun warmed our backs as we walked along a hard-packed dirt trail.  A gentle breeze ensured a pleasant adventure while wildflowers bobbed merrily in and out of grassy waves.
 Nature is medicine.  In her arms my whole being relaxes and the soul exhales the long held breath of effort and "doing".  As we walked, Bodhi and I discussed fairies and dreams, visions and realities, color and variety, art and beauty.  A small blue butterfly alighted on his arm temporarily and he reverently said "Oh what a treat!  What a treat!"  An unsuspecting robin landed ten yards ahead on the trail and he barrelled down on it with hair raising yells before it took to the blue.  Having left sunscreen at home we rubbed our hands over the white slender aspen trunks and applied the powdery sheen to our faces and shoulders.  We gathered sage and camomile for our evening tea.
 He made little wishes...
 and big wishes.
 And we napped beneath the outstretched branches of a willow atop a verdant bed of grass.  We nibbled red peppers and carrots and hard boiled eggs while listening to the wind and birds, to the trees and clouds.
 After our climb back to the jeep, he announced that we needed to do this every day for the rest of the summer and who knows...perhaps we will.

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