Friday, January 9, 2009

It has been an eventful week:
A dislocated shoulder,
A two year old escapee discovered in the street,
An emotional eight year old, overwrought with homework,
Philosophical conversations regarding the direction of Montessori and a possible marriage to the Reggio-Emilia approach,
A puppy (need I say more),
Back to work,
And the normal activities: house cleaning, bread baking, grocery shopping, meal fixing, sheet washing, laundering, child caring, dish doing, active listening, disciplining, all mixed in with a stiff shot of full throttle mother loving...
Is it any wonder that I have been remiss in writing?


Anonymous said...

I know it was! I hope you have a much more pleasant weekend - no surprises.


Carla Ooms said...

I had no idea about your shoulder - I am sorry! That must have been so difficult. I am always available to help out in any way, for any reason! I, too, hope your weekend is more calm and relaxing. I was admiring your blog and Kathryn's this evening, as well as enjoying all that you both had written, and have shared them with Frank who is admiring as well. He thinks I most definitely must give it a try.

Angelina said...

Yes Carla... you must join in the fun!