Thursday, April 23, 2009

I recently enjoyed the opportunity of leading a menarche ceremony for a young friend.
What a healing process it was for me.
Celebrating the transitions in our lives provides context to our spinning days and honors the content of who we are.Lit candles created a celebratory circle and inside, I placed a chair and a platter of cornmeal. We said a few words about becoming a woman and inhabiting the sacred circle of creation in a new and wonderful way. Next, she took her first woman steps into the ceremonial corn meal. Her mother and I took turns lighting a candle, a blessing, and placing the lit candle in the corn.
Then mama washed her feet in rose water and I rubbed them with oil.Fresh and renewed we gave her a medicine bag and a special gift, circled our arms around her and whispered a blessing.
Finally, we ate!!!
Fresh cornbread and chili at a table especially prepared for the day.It was such a gift. I have often yearned for a daughter. Perhaps I will get to borrow many.

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