Monday, June 15, 2009

mini montessori

Here is a glimpse into the daily comings and goings with a Montessori flair:
Here Bodhi is practicing one-to-one correspondence with numerals 1-3. He is really enamored with the process of counting and usually yells "Again, again mommy", whenever we finish the sets.
I made him a felt oven on which to do his cooking and thus far he is proving an excellent and tenacious chef.
Whenever real hunger knocks on the belly, we have this rotating snack shelf. Here is an example of a cereal making work with raisins, cheerios and a small pitcher for his almond milk. He loves this new level of independence.
When his snack is prepared he finds a seat at his new dining area and eats. Here he is enjoying some popcorn with blueberries and almond cheese, an original Bodhi recipe.Bodhi has always been enamored with the process of opening and closing things. Here is a work designed with that in mind:
And some tong transferring to strengthen the hand. Bodhi prefers to work with this one on the shelf, rather than on a rug.Of course, we always make time for art. He has been doing alot of large butcher paper drawings. I store the resulting art, to be reused later as wrapping paper.Of course, he can never limit himself to one canvas and often explores a more immediate backdrop.I apologize for the very mundane nature of my recent posts, my philosophical wheel doesn't seem to be churning in the same manner lately. I promise to post something deep and life altering soon. Until have these snippets into our busy little life.

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