Thursday, July 23, 2009

going home

Bertie entertained Bodhi for countless hours telling him tales of lions and owls, and sharing insights about angels, fairies and love. At the end of our visit, my dear soul-sister and friend, Auntie Yve arrived. Our travel duo quickly became a traveling trio. Yve performed an impromptu concert with Uncle Leroy and all too soon it was time to say good bye to Farmhome and Aunt Bertie. Leaving Aunt Bertie is like diving into icy water. The warmth and peace of her abode, shrouded in prayer and buoyed by peace, are always difficult to release. But there is a time for everything and the time had come to drive home. And so with Yve as copilot and Bodhi as entertainer we set off.In St. Louis we took a break to explore the famous archand enjoy the viewAnd after twelve more hours on the road we were home.

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