Monday, July 20, 2009

fairy party

On the eighteen hour drive to Aunt Bertie's house, Bodhi and I had ample opportunity to chat, plot and plan. Somewhere between Kansas and Missouri we decide that the fairies needed to have a party once we arrived. So our second day was spent in preparation and celebration of this wonderful plan. Bodhi created some spectacular crowns with a little help from mom and we set to work making a feast fit for a fairy.What do fairies eat, you might ask, well today they enjoyed a heaping fruit salad, water melon, chocolate muffins and tea. The muffins were an adventure in themselves. Bodhi and I mixed and sploshed and labored over the batter and then preheated the oven. In a very short time the house filled with a horrid smell, which Bertie proclaimed in a matter-of-fact voice, "dead mouse". I quickly turned off the stove gagging, sputtering and choking. We drove the uncooked muffins to a neighbors waiting oven and in a few minutes we returned to an incense filled house, carrying piping hot chocolate muffins.
Owen came by for the celebration.And following one of Bertie's famous singing prayers,we ate.Next, Bertie hung up the hammock and we took turns lounging and posing.Then, onto the rope swing...ohhhh how many fun times we have had on that rope swing since I was a very little girl and today was no exception.Overall it was a truly fabulous party.