Thursday, October 29, 2009


HUH!!! Snow already...yep and we have been quite ill to top it off. Shane and Bodhi had a mild case last week and Owen came down with a meaner version over the weekend and I, being the family canary, had the full frontal flu, respiratory, cold, migraine combo by Monday. Of course I had to come down with it when the boys had two snow days off school..."Oh mom can you please come out and play"...a low groan of descent emerges from beneath a eucalyptus haze of chills and disbelief. I stumble about cladding children in snow gear and wool, then boot them unceremoniously out of doors where they joyously play for a half an hour before re-entering, cold, wet and hungry. Oh the only worse thing than being sick is being a sick mama. The boys mitigated the discomfort by performing an impromptu puppet show on my bed... and Owen entertained himself building an elaborate snow fort, complete with an intricate story about another world with castles, secret tunnels, various chambers, villains and heroes. Here he is pictured lying in the King's sleeping chamber. I spent several long moments looking for him, too hoarse to call out, before I was finally relieved to see a hand emerge.
Both boys are now ensconced in the rich fragrant aroma of hot cocoa and I am retiring once again to my warm bed.

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Wind said...

Oh my darlin, I am so sorry you had to go through being sick. I wish so much that I could have been your back up mom during those days. Sending you an award for accomplishing ALL that while ill. You are such a giver.