Sunday, October 18, 2009

sunday hike

What is Angelina's favorite weekend activity? ... Yep, hiking in nature, preferably on a warm day, surrounded by life breathing and buzzing, swaying and being. Today we selected Lair o' the bear, a perrenial favorite. The guys and I walked for the first mile together, winding through dry grasses, tinged yellow and orange by the hand of Autumn.

I always love the way nature doles out one beautiful chance to open after another. This time we ran across a caterpillar. The fuzzy creeper produced a chorus of oohs and aahs. I have never seen Bodhi more gentle. Both boys watched in rapture as the little body edged it's way over extended hands and arms, eventually landing on a blade of fiery grass intent on lunch.
Owen get's so quiet and cool when he is exploring...
Bodhi becomes even more animated, if that is possible.Shane turns into a child again, eager for play and with the abandon of a Lost Boy he casts off his cares creating boats and vessels from twig, leaf and grass, excited by the possibilities ahead.After the first mile, Maya and I left the guys playing near a stream and ventured up into the hills for a 4 mile solo trek, armed with a camera and breathing in the fresh air of solitude with nourishing abandon.
(stay tuned for more pictures from the journey)

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