Friday, January 1, 2010

new year's day

I have never been a new year's bell ringer, rather I generally ring in the new year quietly, with introspection and intentions (sounds perfectly pink doesn't it). My standing ritual is to write down on a sheet of paper the things/concepts/belief/crap for letting go and then I throw them on a fire and watch them turn to ash. Then I meditate on my intentions and dedications. That's it. This year we also added a good long howl at the full moon and some poetry games. The poetry game is played when each person writes one line of a poem and passes it to the next person, who writes another line and folds the paper so that only the most recent writing is visible, and passes it on again. When the poem writing is complete, the person who wrote the first line on the page, reads the poem and gives it a title. Shane and I played it together (with some arm twisting on my part)and here are the new year poems (granted they are not brilliant, but alot of fun):
Night and Day
Rising up from a nineteen year sleep,
Papa moon stretched feeling the cool, refreshing air.

Breathing in, he yawned deeply and asked, "Where's mama?"
With the realization that, like all good moms, she comes sure as the day.
He went about his business,
The work of night

Shining on both good and bad with indifference
Until the breaking of the dawn,
When time stands still balanced between night and day

and love springs eternal, always and forever...
The moon sat in silver sky
of days past and friends near forgot
of love's lost and love reclaimed
dreams come and go
the here and now is eternal
so sleep my dear one or awake
no threat exists to taunt you
see through the night
and the day will come.
Birds fly.
Wings reflect moonlight in a starless sky
A fresh tomorrow.


Michelle said...

hey sis! remember when we did this with our sister circle?? I use this all the time with my clients! I love your poems! beautiful!

Angelina said...

yes, that is where I learned the poetry game and it is one of my favorite tools. We learned it together.