Sunday, January 31, 2010


Winter, with her cold arms and grey dress, has long been a difficult season for me to embrace. The beach comber at my core, longs for sunny days and sandy shores with the obstinant blindness of a two-year old. This year, I have tried to soften in many ways, not the least of which is in my blighted judgments of life. In so doing I learned something important about myself: I don't despise winter, I simply don't like being cold. That is much simpler than actually dreading an entire season. So I have been taking baby steps in the hopes of falling in love with each moment a little at a time.
Today, on my hike I found a rainbow of color, subdued and inspiring, radiating from a landscape ripe with angles, contrasts and line juxtaposed with texture and raw beauty.
Here are a few sights along the way to mark the quiet symphony of winter:Sometimes I stand in awe, captivated, behind the looking lens of my camera, by the incomprehensible beauty in the details of the world we inhabit. In this image the juxtaposition of greys and browns made me think of all the colors of winter. And here are some that I found:
(Can you believe I found this little haven, tucked away beneath brambles in a protected valley between two hills. I nearly cried with joy at the sight of so much green!! I immediately lay on my belly smelling the moist earth and imagining the fairies of my youth dancing in verdant splendor.)
Blues:Purples and blacks:And my trusty brown Maya who patiently waits while I ooooh and ahhhh over the majesty of it all.


Michelle said...

the colors of the season omgosh how wonderful! I'm trying to love the season i'm in as well but finding it very hard. I can deal with the cold but how do i embrace the darkness? Maybe by accepting the darkness within myself?

Angelina said...

Hmm, embracing the darkness... the difficulty may come from the word "embracing", which seems like something we must do, but maybe we could just stop resisting the darkness... a little less do and a little more be.
I love you

Wind said...

I love the way you presented me with a winter rainbow today. I wish I was your dog. Really!

Shane said...

One of the things that will never cease to amaze me is the magnitude of your artistic talents.
There are many ways in which you are truly talented artistically however photography, my dear, is certainly rising to the top.

I am so proud of you!!