Saturday, February 27, 2010

self expression

Owen pulled this little bout of self-expression out of his closet this week. When he came out swaggering with a hint of Mick Jagger mixed with Michael Jackson and asked me, "So Mom, how do I look?", oozing pride out of every pore. I had to smile and say, "Man, you look awesome!". And he did. Not just because he threw a tie over a white t-shirt and paired it with jeans, work boots and a blazer...but he added a fedora and some mirrored specs. Now that takes some fashion nerve! Gotta love that in a nine year old, when most of his peers are concerned with mastering the art of blending, Owen is content to express himself.

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china cat said...

not only do i like owen's ensemble but bodhi's insistence on being part of the picture in his pj's tugs on my heart. what a wonderful big brother he has!