Saturday, February 12, 2011

Deep and Blue

Within me there is a pool,
deep and blue. 
It calls. 
Beneath noisy chatter,
within white walls of self.
A whispered voice,
Wordlessly beckons to its edge. 
I approach.
Tears flow,
A flood without an ark. 
Unknot this tight web of "me",
stitch by stitch,
holding self together. 
Retreat from clear waters
To hurried world of "do",
 "prove", "achieve", "seek",
Isolated in activity,
Waxen and cold. 
I ache to breathe,
Against the armor of "self". 
I ache to fall,
Without thought of time,
Into deep waters,
Dissolving in space,
Floating on presence, 
Breath breathing breath,

1 comment:

Wind said...

Poetry expresses when words won't stand in a line anymore..
Circling you.