Sunday, April 24, 2011

a bit of easter poetry

A thousand voices
a thousand more,
calling out
a thousand doors.

This one certain,
that one fearing
this one martyrs,
that one shames.

Voices in Gethsemane,
garden agony,
on knees falling.

Listen for a single
Silence sounding,
a song of rest.

Parched lips thirsty,
water taken.
deeply asking
"Hast thou forsaken?"

Three days float
in darkened tomb,
Christ arises
from earthen womb.

Lift and raise the
truth within me.
remove the stones
and set it free.

Single song within
"I Am I"
Christ's own song


ProfoundAlchemy said...

After the Resurrection Christ taught the disciples for 12 years.

He would disappear into the heavens sometimes after a teaching according to the Pistis Sofia ..

When he was in the sky at one point the disciples ran in terror and some could no longer see him because his light blinded them and it appeared like the darkest black instead of light at all. This terrified them for the dark was incomprehensible to them.

This is the lesson of the Christ.

Wrathful, annoying, and evil is not always what it seems.

Wind said...

Wow. What a big experience it is to be human.
Thank you for holding all of her in your embrace.