Sunday, June 26, 2011

crested butte

Here is a picture window opening onto our recent adventure to Crested Butte, CO (one of my favorite places):
 A view from the entrance to our little red fox cabin at the Pioneer Guest Cabins (a fabulous place to stay if you're ever on the look out.)
 A little farther up the road.
 I loved the image of one black cow amidst a field of reds...diversity makes life so much more beautiful!
In town we are always enamored with the many shops, the unique aesthetic, the dog friendly atmosphere and the familiarity of small town life.

 Bodhi never passes a flower without taking the opportunity to inhale the aroma.

 Or simply convey his floral affections with an elaborate smooch!
 On Father's day we went for a drive into the mountains and took several snack, hike and hug breaks.
 We found four leaf clovers
 and rock prayers.
All in all it was a spectacular trip.


wind said...

This was such a special post! The pictures and feelings were so tender. It makes us want a family like yours!

ProfoundAlchemy said...