Sunday, June 26, 2011

robot and forts

 So I haven't even taken a shower yet...but living with a child is so damn much fun.  When you have a kid like Bodhi, whose enthusiasm is contagious, you find yourself doing things you had no intention of doing with the joyful abandon of a former time...a time when playing was the reason for living and "busy" was a ridiculous invention of adults.  The boxes were just lying around, waiting to be recycled, and that bubble wrap was begging for purpose. So here you have it...a fort and robot for protection in no time.  As I walked in the house ready for some shampoo, Bodhi hollered, "MOM you forgot something!!! It needs a doorbell!"  Of course it does, but that will have to wait until mom is bathed and fresh.  Unless Bodhi figures something out sooner, which could bode disaster for my Tibetan bells or any number of potentially repurposed treasures.

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Saints and Spinners said...

This is great! I used to make puppet-theaters with boxes, and bemoaned the lack of LARGER boxes for my creations.