Tuesday, August 9, 2011

 Cain and Abel are reunited and the land of Nod is looking a little war torn.  Sibling rivalry is a fabulous contraceptive...a built in protection against overpopulation.  Never the less, I love them both immensely and it is marvelous seeing the eldest after ten weeks.  I took the boys to Golden on Saturday and we discovered a fabulous new frozen yogurt shop operated by a beautiful woman from Turkey.  The shop is called Goozell.

 Bodhi sampled the chocolate and strawberry, heavily topped with oreo crumbles, rainbow sprinkles and gummy worms.
 Owen tried the cake batter (huh?) flavor mixed with chocolate and lots of cookie crumbles.
 It was a fun day particularly when the boys weren't battling, moping and griping and tolerable when they were.

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