Sunday, August 28, 2011

Anderson Ranch

 Okay, here is the much anticipated post from my recent adventure at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass, CO.  Honestly, I don't have words sufficient to fully credit the experience.  It was a bit like turning inside out and finding yourself whole again.  I grew so much and am now painfully filled with a longing to make art...NOW.  Not my usual crafts, but PAINTING and creating and listening and beholding.
The photo below is an exterior shot of our studio.

And this fabulous woman is Judy Glantzman, our fearless, fabulous and utterly inspiring, leader!
Here is the gang after a luncheon hike atop a bizarre yin/yang slab at the summit.
 And here we are again.  It was so refreshing to discover myself as a woman again...not a mom, a teacher, a mate, a daughter, a friend...just as me and the real treat was that I loved her.
One of the other attractions, was the simplicity of NOT having to cook.  Not for myself or for anyone else.  I was shocked by the relief this provided and how quickly I adapted to the luxury.
But perhaps the best thing was ART and my opportunity to make some.  Here are some of my creations at the final critique.
All in all, this was one of the greatest gifts of my life...thank you to Ron, Joanne and Shane for thinking of me and my deepest needs.  And another thank you to Annaday for her generous donation of supplies and a wonderful night spent in her home before the retreat.  Thank you!

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Wind said...

I saw this post some time ago, and have had a powerful and continuing thought about your art being so strong and complete in its expression! I am really stilled when I see your work.