Sunday, March 4, 2012

 We went for a hike in the wide hills beyond our back yard today.  The sun, high in the sky, warming the cold earth and quietly assuring it's inhabitants that Spring would come some day soon.  After a short while of walking through grasses bent low by the burden of a winter of snow. I hit the wall. I have no idea what exactly happens in moments such as these.  Owen says I start "charging down".  I literally stop, all systems put on the breaks and I simply have to lay down and often sleep it off before I can "charge up" again.  This happened today, just a half mile into our walk, and for the next hour the boys just played around me while I went in and out of wakefulness.
It was such a treasure to lay there, without participating or interjecting, and just listen to their conversations.  Their mutual overlap lies in the realm of imagination and soon they were on an epic adventure: battling trolls hidden in bushes, seeking lost treasure amidst the tangle of dead underbrush and deeming me the great fairy queen.  I was visited often by one or the other with bits of grass, special rocks and other noble tributes.

I love being in nature.  Even if I can do no more than sleep heavily on her bosom.  Now that we are home, I still feel the lag on my physical heart as it tries to catch up with the demands of living but my spiritual heart is basking in the warmth of a day with my boys.

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wind said...

A perfect beginning to your new year. I hug you through the Earths arms.