Sunday, May 13, 2012

the shee will come

Today, as Bodhi and I drove in the car toward a Mother's Day brunch, he sat twisting in his chair to the right peering out the lower rear corner of the car window. This is his favored mode of transport, as is evident by the smudges and grimy hand prints on all nearby surfaces.  As he looked out the window, he said, "I like to look out the window like this Mom".  I said, "I know you do Bodhi.  What do you see when you look out the window like that?"  He promptly answered, "I see animals everywhere and teepees and native americans.  I see the way it used to be.  Then I see cars, so many they are destroying the Earth. One day, all the people will be gone and the Shee will come, Mom.  The Shee will make their home on the whole Earth and take care of it.  It will be good Mom."  
This boy never ceases to amaze me.


Daeni said...

... wow ...

ProfoundAlchemy said...

Maybe the Shee are here readying their home now..

MAybe every world is here and there is no end to the dimensions at play on this here dream world.

Bodhi you are awesome man.
ah hung!

ProfoundAlchemy said...

The shee..

Shee can change there body at will I here..
Fly and ride dragons even..

You know.. I think I can imagine a dragons shadow passing over me while walking on those lone dusty trails near the witching hour in the back woods of this world.

Or sitting in a dark meadow late at night with nothing behind or in front of me but trees and grasses. I can just imagine the trees dancing around me.. The eyes blinking and the snickering laughter whispering to me. The chills raising up my spine as the Shee come close to revealing themselves and the power of my will forcing them back as the fragil but firm grasp on my small imagined point of reference dare not let go of its hold..
What would happen to my world when the myths become real.? The Unicorns appear, the Trolls, and Elves and Dragons unveiling themselves...?
Would there be any buildings left.. ?
Would my friends and family exist anymore to me? Would the food taste the same..? Would my books and my movies still be there? Could I handle the pain of finally seeing this kind of beauty?
Would I attach to it and call it real, creating another prison?
Would I fall in love whith one of the beings there over others.?
Would my voice be beautiful?
Could I dance truly in the sky with them?
DAre I say YEs?

Maybe this is a key~

Question: Master Samael, what do you want to express when you say the phrase “in order to eliminate the ego it is necessary for the water to boil at 100 degrees?”

Samael Aun Weor: Well… what happens is that this matter about the elimination of egos is not a matter of intellectual coldness. Obviously, if the water does not boil at 100 degrees, one does not cook what one must cook; that is, one does not disintegrate what is necessary to disintegrate… Likewise, if we do not undergo serious emotional crises, one does not crystallize what one must crystallize, and one does not eliminate what is necessary to eliminate… It is necessary to disintegrate psychic aggregates, and once they are eliminated, some faculty, some virtue, some psychic power crystallizes in replacement of each of them.
When we say soul, it must be understood that we refer to a set of forces, powers, virtues, etc. For example, if one disintegrates the defect of lust, then the virtue of chastity crystallizes within us. If we eliminate hatred, then love crystallizes within us. If we disintegrate egotism, then altruism crystallizes within us, and likewise, successively. Whenever we eliminate a defect, something of the soul crystallizes within us: a law, a power, a virtue, etc. Thus, when all of the psychic aggregates that we carry within our interior die, we will then possess our entire soul… This is why the gospels state: “In your patience you will possess your souls.” Moreover, even the physical body must become soul.
For those who disintegrate the ego, the moment of becoming a mutant arrives, and with such a quality they can willingly be visible or invisible. One can pass through a wall without suffering any damage, because the body has been transformed into something elastic, ductile… One can also assume an age of twenty years or one hundred years, because then the body no longer belongs to time, it has become soul, and that is what is important. Woe to the one who loses his soul, who does not crystallize it in himself! A man can be very rich, can have an extraordinary erudition, can be a great occultist, etc., but this is worthless to him if he has lost his soul.

Angelina Lloyd said...

And uncle Dave is as verbose as ever and utterly adored by his Godson