Friday, May 18, 2012

Osmotic reading

I can remember being inundated with college homework at the University of San Francisco (It wasn't SO long ago): writing a paper, studying for three tests, reading passages from five textbooks til 3 AM all the while knowing I had to go to work the next morning for eight hours and make class by afternoon. That was the only time I resorted to sleeping on a textbook.  I thought, "Hell, it couldn't hurt" and I tucked the thick volume from one of my advanced theology courses beneath my pillow with the hope of absorbing at least some of it for the upcoming exam.  You may scoff, but I aced the exam so who knows.  I find myself, for the first time in many years, feeling that same desperation for knowledge.  I checked out this fabulous stack of books from the library today and I want to read every one of them, in addition to the already thick pile on my bedside table.  Yet, I struggle these days with completing a mindless article in Homes and Garden while waiting at a doctors visit.  Tell me stupidity is not in my near future because I can fill universes with what I don't know and it is in a perpetual state of expansion. Perhaps tonight I will try a literary bedfellow and see what happens.
In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying a similar stack of summer reading to while away the hours.


needlefingers said...

Personally, I'm ready for information to be downloadable directly into our brains as on The Matrix. Maybe not the big metal port in the back of the head, though. ;)

Is it weird that I'm thinking of taking up theoretical physics 'for fun'?

Angelina Lloyd said...

I love it. No that's not weird. I am presently reading ecology books with abandon...I am equally against the metal port but an ability to have immediate access to knowledge would be fabulous. I feel the same way about knitting. i have so many sweaters I would love to have but the making involves so much TIME.