Sunday, June 10, 2012

On a hike this morning, my heart was aching, longing, crying, to experience God and I had the thought full of feeling, "I am so tired of being "me"".  The ludicrousness of this statement puzzled me leading to the next question.  "Who is tired of being "me"?"  Awareness just opened and for a moment it was clear that angelina/me doesn't have a thing to do with it...doesn't need to get enlightened or become better, more spiritual or anything.  She doesn't need to save anything or anyone.  In fact it was like seeing angelina as a pin point in the expanse of what I am.  It really is just a case of mistaken identity isn't it? That which I am...truth...whatever feeble word I use to describe it...doesn't need "my" help.  Of course "me" wanted to hold onto the "experience" and it was gone. In its wake it was abundantly clear that "me" "angelina" isn't going to "wake up" or get enlightened.  It is a waking "from" but the wakefulness/truth/consciousness is always present.  Always.  It doesn't matter what angelina is doing.  It is here, now, even if I can't feel it.

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Nancye said...

"This is it and it is sufficient"
Richard Sylvester