Saturday, June 23, 2012

say no to stone suckling

I have spent my life a stone suckler.
Begging milk from stones.
Begging bread from tight fisted paupers.

Lips cracked and bleeding,
Tongue dry and swollen,
I have turned again and again to rock,
Pressing mouth to stony nipple,
Demanding nourishment.

Nourishment from a stone,
Water where there is none,
Life from a rock.

Call it by a thousand names
Call it lover or mother or dad,
Call it sister or brother or man,
Call it money or security or education,
Call it by a thousand names and a thousand more.

I have explained and rephrased.
I have wailed and torn flesh.
I have sweat blood before a senseless alter.
I have cried out against the ravages of fortune.
I have been thirsty.
I have been dying of thirst.

This alter does not give in return.
I leave offerings: blood, sweat, tears,
My life,
At stony feet and expect redemption.

No More.
No more stone suckling.
No more begging bread where there is none.

I AM the bread the wine and the water.
I, in the midst of me, am Great.
Not he, or she, or we, or it.
At the center of my being.

I have been a stone suckler.
And I shall suckle at stones no more.


Anonymous said...

This is truly beautiful. Congratulations.
You have arrived.

rose said...

This is so beautiful.

Patrick Burke said...

Tenderness and strength...very touching. Thank you.