Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Have you ever noticed how much easier everything is to handle if you have a little watermelon to go with it.  Seriously.  I am eating watermelons, plural, in vast quantity.  I want to dive right into that juicy sweet, luscious red ripeness and swim.  I can't get enough of it.
Lately, I have had several people giving me advice on how not to feel sadness.  What the hell is up with that.  Feel!  Whatever arises.  Feel it.  I am convinced that just beneath every feeling is the Christ, our authentic self, awakened surrender- whatever you want to call it- knocking at the door of our heart.  We determine that some emotions are unacceptable and we push them into the cellar and wonder why our lives seem devoid of clarity and vitality, why so many of us are depressed and neurotic.  HELLO.  Feel!  All of us, all of the time.  Whatever is arising, just watch it arise.  Whatever is receding let's watch it recede.  I wonder how we became the emotional gestapo for ourselves and others.  We package our repression in tidy boxes and call it positive thinking, affirmation or the like.  I am not suggesting that we sit in our shit ad infinitum or toss our crap into the laps of others because we are too frightened to deal with it ourselves.  I am simply suggesting that, perhaps, our feelings rise to the surface to be seen by the embracing light of our consciousness.  To be held.  All of this is rather simple but can be incredibly difficult to do.  When I feel like I am adrift I slice open a ripe watermelon and listen for that amazing pop as the juices drip extravagantly down the knife and then I take a spoon and dive in.
Give it a try!

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