Saturday, July 28, 2012

vancouver island

I have been in Canada for quite a while, enjoying the beauty of my sweet sister, China, and the landscape  she inhabits.  Here is a window into our time:
 Trips to the beach with our two wildly wonderful children, Bodhi and Mina.
 Walks to the beach without our two wildly wonderful children.
 Days spent reveling in beauty more abundant than I had cause to dream.
 Walks alone on moody mornings, breathing in the salty spray from a thousand miles of distant ocean.
 Long treks and short rambles through the forests in Metchosin
 Falling deeply and passionately in love with arbutus trees.
 Deer so close you could touch them if you were patient enough, we weren't (well more specifically Bodhi and Mina weren't).
 Fires on the beach...
 Happiness picking veggies in the greenhouse to be humbly transformed into culinary masterpieces in the kitchen by sisters joyously working side by side.
 Views so astounding that breathing is nearly forgotten.
 Cousins and sisters sharing time...
 Unbirthday parties, teepees and the best damn chocolate quinoa cake in the world!
 Teaching China to make the Lloyd bird call...
 Enjoying a raucous, crazy walk parade during "Spirit time" on campus, where everyone else is quietly meditating.
Holding a sweet song bird in my hand while it's spirit left its body...
And then, the time came for us to leave.  How does one leave a sister...a kindred spirit.  One doesn't.  Only time and space can make a mockery of truth.  Love can not depart.  It can not.  The mind grieves and my hand aches to hold hers again but the heart knows, she is there, always, love without measure, living life.

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china cat said...

Holy almighty I miss you fine beautiful people! The weather is warm and the beach is calling to us...appear you illusory bodies and we will dance and play in the sun and water together. We need you here!