Monday, November 19, 2012


It has been an interesting few weeks.  I have been contemplating connection a great deal as a basic need of being human.  I watch my fellows rushing from one place to the next, gathering technology to themselves like talismans of protection against the emptiness of separation- a perpetual flutter of texts and calls and music and smart phones and GPS and more.  Yet so many of us are longing for the central cord of union- with one another, with ourselves, with life.  It's as if we are frightened of being disappointed, so we retreat deeper and deeper into the tight orbit of self.  My teacher recently filled me in on a little secret...the meaning of life is to LIVE IT.  That isn't tidy or safe.  It is messy and vulnerable and unpredictable and unknown.  And yet LIFE extends an invitation to us in every moment asking us to unleash the breathtaking beauty hidden in our hearts and experience, EXPERIENCE, experience life.  Life isn't singular.  It manifests in multiplicity, with no part existing in isolation.  There are no clear parameters to being.  Life- as you, as me, as friend, as enemy, as bird, as bush, as air, as earth, as water.  It takes courage to lift our heads and hearts from the tendency to contract and to extend a hand in connection.
Courage.  But what's the alternative?  A life unlived is no life at all.

I press your hand.


Traci Hendrix Hart said...

Beautiful....thank you.

Wind said...

I have also been thinking about this. Only I interpreted it as "being in relationship". You cannot have a life without being in relationship with something or someone. I love that these messages are coming through! Let us be intentional with our connectedness!!

Angelina Lloyd said...

YES. being in relationship...we are in overlap all the time. There is no other way to be. We create a lot of tension with our imagined separation. A lot of unnecessary baggage.