Monday, November 12, 2012

the much anticipated house photos

 The living can see my agave painting in the corner and another new piece ready to be hung.  It was my first experiment using smoke as a drawing agent.  I love the effect and patina.
Do you see my beloved loom in the corner...just waiting to be warped?
 And here is the studio/media room...
 And my wonderful farm style kitchen
The hall with my newest piece, Guardian, freshly framed but not yet hung.
 The fabulous bathroom with lots of driftwood, old tile and a hemp shower curtain.
 Bodhi's bedroom.  He chose which of my pieces he wanted to hang in his room.  I also found a stack of used coffee bags and up-cycled them into curtains and pillows....
 His alter (which he totally designed himself)...
 His bed with pillows made by mom and another piece of mama's art entitled Flight.
My bedroom and my dream bed....ahh.  I love iron beds.  The pillows are coffee sacks and vintage ticking...which I made of course.
 All the bedrooms have these great mirror closet doors which make them look more spacious.
 Owen's big guy room.
 and bed.
 And here is the fence that I have been working on with a few friends.  I still have one more side to go...whew!
I have been now that you read this...PLEASE close you eyes for a moment and send us an instant of stillness and love.


Wind said...

"She changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes.."
Gorgeous!! It makes me look around my own hodge-podge interior and wonder why there is no strong theme, just stuff...
Blessings in your sacred haven, may all joy and comfort reside alongside you.
You are a creatress of beauty.

Karuna said...

what a gorgeous home!