Tuesday, December 25, 2012


 Christmas morning at a house with a young child is always a whirlwind.  This Christmas was no different.
Bodhi was up long before the sun, pressing his chilly feet against my legs and whispering a question in my sleep deprived ear, "Is it time yet?".  I rolled over and tucked him beneath my chin in a big morning hug, "Soon".  In a short time he crawled out of bed and I could hear his bare feet rhythmically hurrying over wood floors to peek beneath the boughs of a twinkling tree.  I imagined his face light up at the surprise of gifts and a loaded stocking hung by the fireplace.  His bare feet padded a quick return to my warm bed as he loudly whispered, "Mom! Santa DID come! And he brought LOTS of presents for me AND Owen!"  With this he grew quiet.  I knew he was thinking about mom.  His brows furrowed in concentration.  I wondered if he might be remembering a conversation we had just a few days prior that went something like this,:
"Mom, do you believe in Santa?"
"Yes Bodhi.  Maybe differently than you do, but yes."
"Mom, if I am bad will Santa not bring me any toys?". 
"What do you think?" 
He thought for a while but didn't know, "No? Santa doesn't give presents to bad kids! Right?"
"I don't believe in bad kids Bodhi.  I believe we do bad things but that doesn't make us bad.  I think Santa can tell the difference."
As he sat on the edge of my bed I could see him trying to work things out because Mom certainly didn't get any presents and she didn't seem THAT bad.
Finally he said, "Mom maybe Santa brought you presents and HID them."
I replied with a bleary smile, "What does mama always want most?"
Bodhi's face lit up..."LOVE!"
"Santa didn't forget me Bodhi.  He brought me exactly what I asked for."
Here are a few photos to share from our morning:
Bodhi has been wanting a REAL crystal ball for a while now and he is quite excited to finally have one.
 A hand buzzer to keep things interesting.
 A new harmonica to keep things noisy.
And lots of other goodies to keep things busy.
I hope each of you finds a magical reason to smile this day!  ALL LOVE from our house to yours.

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Wind said...

I wish I had woken up snuggling with you both. I play a mean before breakfast harmonica! Thank you for keeping the magic alive FOR REAL. All you need is LOVE.