Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Humans! It's as if we imagine our big brained attempt at controling life's details has any effect on life.  As if the sun waits for me to say "RISE" or the heart waits for me to say "LOVE" or "PUMP".  News flash...It doesn't.  Life goes on being life and I am convinced that all of our efforts to control it are truly and completely a waste of the moment.  Perhaps we can stop clinging with desperation to our "should be" and "not quite" and instead breathe deeply into the "is" and "now" with abandon.  Afterall, there is no peace without surrender and there is no surrender without TRUST.
So maybe, for an experiment, we can simply lean back into life's water and trust it's buoyancy enough to FLOAT and simply see what happens next.


Wind said...

When you reminded me to let go of all the obvious and perhaps not so obvious ways I try to control life, you literally helped me change my course. My Ego is still a bit weepy that I am asking it to accept things the way they are, but my spirit felt something akin to peace today.
Thank you my beloved Godspark.

Angelina Lloyd said...

I could not love you more if I tried. You are my Shams!!