Sunday, March 31, 2013


Easter has long been one of my favorite holidays.  Not because of the whole crucifixion element but due to the deeper significance of rebirth and resurrection... of new life and fresh beginnings... of hope and promise...of renewal.  
I can't imagine any better way to begin a day like this than to hike up a mountain first thing in the morning with one of my dearest sister-friends!  My beloved Yvette is in town visiting from Utah and that is exactly what we did.
 The sun rose and the moon set across a clear sky.
And we were both in early morning bliss, serenaded by the songs of spring birds and caressed by a fresh breeze whispering "spring".
And then the eating frenzy began!  Yve and I went to my favorite Denver breakfast spot, The French Press, and shared a gluten-free breakfast burrito and gluten-free pumpkin-buckwheat pancakes with eggs...OH MY!
And I joined my wonderful friends Tami and Brian at their beautiful home in Evergreen for a late lunch. We ate and ate and ate and talked and talked and talked.  Brian-the-chef made lamb shanks, roasted potatoes and asparagus.  The other couple provided a lovely dish of quinoa stuffed peppers and I contributed a green salad with sheep feta, candied walnuts and apples.  As a grand finale' we feasted on an extrordinary creme brule' served with raisins soaked fat in whiskey and simple syrup.
I feel like an utter glutton and fully sated in preparation for whatever newness lay on the horizon!
I hope your Easter was equally full of all things wonderful!

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