Tuesday, March 26, 2013


A friend of mine asked me recently to share my journaling process.  I don't know that I could really do that.  I have been journaling since I was a young girl.  I took a long hiatus from private discourse after the divorce debacle and made "journaling" public in the form of this blog.  A few years ago I was able to begin journaling again.  Here are a few of the pages that fill spiral bound art journals.  I work on a page or two in the evenings before I begin my meditation.  This is a time to download whatever remains unresolved from the day.  I have permission to screw up and make a mess.  There are no mistakes.  If something bothers me I don't tear it out, I just cover it with gesso and build on top of it or add to it or sit with my discomfort and listen.  This is how I approach art, as an ongoing conversation and there isn't a right way of saying anything.
 The work can be cathartic or illuminating or just relaxing.
Working on this scale is nice.  There isn't the pressure involved in "creating art" or filling a canvas.  The blank pages are merely a quiet invitation to express.

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Wind said...

I want to take this beautiful inspiration and practice laying my processes out on the blank page!
Thank you sweet!