Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Happy Pesach to everyone!   We celebrated in grand form last night at the Katz family home.
Ron and Joanne chose a unique humanistic haggadah for the evening and it was truly beautiful. I have often struggled with the overt "God saved His people" tone of many sedars, but this one was broader and more encompassing.  Rather than feeling marginalized as a non-jew, I felt deeply welcome in the most loving way. For the first time, the sedar plate included an orange to symbolize the marginalized peoples of the world and those marginalized within Judaism, along with the more traditional symbolical reminders: an egg-new life, maror-bitterness of pain past and present, choroset-the sweetness of life, salt water- tears and shank bone-the offering. The orange was a wonderful inclusion.
Bodhi was in charge of saying the blessing of the wine...or fruit of the vine as the case may be (aka grape juice).
Joanne outdid herself with a gorgeous feast lovingly prepared over several days.  Here is the homemade maror (freshly grated horseradish and beet juice). When it is added to the matzoh and charoset it creates the Hillel sandwich!  My FAVORITE food during the sedar.
Instead of the typical chopped eggs to symbolize birth and the fragility of life, Joanne made decadent deviled eggs served on a bed of pea sprouts.
 Of course there was gifilte fish...
 and matzoh ball soup....
and a delicious salmon dish with baby artichokes, Meyer lemons, onions and fresh fennel.  Served with a potato and kale mash and freshly steamed asparagus.
For dessert Ron made decaf espresso and hot cocoa.  Served up with these delicacies.
Another beautiful evening with the Katz family and friends.  I am so grateful that Bodhi gets to experience the depth of his culture through the love of his family.  As the goya in the group I continue to learn alongside my son.

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