Sunday, March 24, 2013


Sunday morning began with a disgusting gluten-free burrito (DO NOT buy food-for-life brown rice tortillas.  They are disgusting.  And if you do buy them don't fill them with an egg white and kale scramble covered in green chili sauce.  Disgusting).  Bodhi was only able to gag down a few bites before nearly vomiting in the trashcan, no doubt more for effect than need.
The weather outside remains frightful and so Bodhi and I entertained ourselves with sit ups, push ups and yogic poses invented by Bodhi.  We also made our weekly trip to the library and then spent the requisite hour jumping like fools at a nearby trampoline park.  I am always shocked to see the number of parents who opt out of the hopping frivolity.  GROWN UPS!
Bodhi's new favorite past time is to ham it up with the camera in typical goof ball fashion and so we spent a few raucous minutes in the car making ridiculous attempts to look both cool and insane at the same time.  I don't know if we succeeded at the former but the latter was a piece of cake.
This week rather than check out my usual stack of books I went through my book shelf and pulled off six preciously bound treasures that I have not yet consumed.  A week of reading and a week off of work and school.  It will doubtlessly be a blast.

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