Monday, March 18, 2013


 Green eggs anyone...okay I THOUGHT THIS WAS BRILLIANT.  The boys said it tasted great with their eyes closed.  I blended eggs, spinach, turkey bacon and cheese in the vitamix and scrambled it up for a St. Patty's day feast...with green tea and green smoothies.
 While Owen spent the day at a friends Bodhi and I frolicked with abandon at the park.
 Taking turns with the camera... I have to say Bodhi is rapidly becoming a stellar photographer.
 And I bought each of us hula hoops for St. Patty's Day.  I love hula hooping.  It's what I loved to do as a kid with my brother Dan and I thought "What the hell am I waiting for" we have started our own hooping club with two dedicated members!
For supper we enjoyed black bean chili with steamed kale and all the fixin's before settling in to watch Soul Surfer.  It is a great movie with a great message and Bodhi's new favorite.   
Another wonderful Sunday!

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Wind said...

My mothering is like fast food compared to the art form you bring to your days. Keep up the color, beauty and fun!