Sunday, March 24, 2013

the bird

My nickname has been "the bird" since I was a little girl.  A name I was given by my dad when I was roughly three years of age and trying to fly with determination and utter disregard for life and limb.  The name stuck.  I have been changing the idea of "flying" away and toying with the idea of "staying"and opening to the uncertainties of life.  Several years ago I did a series of self portraits embracing various expressions of the psyche.  Recently, I have found myself drawing again.  In fact I began this drawing, 11x14 graphite, two nights ago and although it is far from complete I am sharing it. While working on it I found myself becoming ridiculously giddy.  Then the thought hit me right between the eyes ..."THE BIRD".  My nickname.  And I have been laughing ever since.

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Wind said...

God I really want a print of this work!!!