Tuesday, April 2, 2013


With Bodhi in bed listening to a book on tape and Owen in his room unpacking from a recent Illinois return, I leaned heavily against the old white farm sink and felt the weight of good-bye.  The Lumineers played in the background.  I stood amidst dishes needing to be washed and veggies waiting to be put away and memories outgrown.  Soon I felt the gentle pressure of a graceful hand on my back and turned to see my eldest son smiling softly up at me, he put out his hand in a quiet invitation to dance.  I smiled back, ignoring the tears still gliding down my cheeks, and accepted.  He lightly guided me around the kitchen and I gently taught him how to lead a woman and soon I relaxed, eyes closed and my son led...for the first time.  His chest expanded with pride and I smiled.
Boys be proud to grow into men. 
Discover what that means.
And know how to lead.
I am proud to watch this boy in his walk toward manhood.  I am honored to be his mom.

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Wind said...

What a beauty. You've served him well.