Thursday, April 4, 2013

what I do

On my way to work this morning someone said to me, "Back to the grind stone huh? Work is work but you gotta do it!" and I burst out laughing.  Work is love.  Work is joy.  Work is life.  Work is purpose and hope and promise and inspiration and home.  I go to work like a kid goes to the playground.  I love my job and the many women I get to play with everyday.  I love the children and their creativity and insights and view of the world.  If work is the "grindstone" than it is grinding away my rough edges and false beliefs that life is hard and labor is difficult.  Today I played with clay all day and held baby ducks next to my heart and nuzzled the soft backs of chicks against my face.  I poured red paint lava over the top of a three foot volcano and helped children bring their ideas into form.  I don't go to work, I go to play!  Every single day.


Wind said...

oooh... fuzzy wuzzy sweetness!

Kathryn said...

So that's what you wanted that photo for! You had a plan. I love that you love your work (play) since I am one who gets to play with you - but - I sure hope you are enjoying this snow day of un-play(work)!

Angelina Lloyd said...

I am so glad that I get to play with you! It is one of the reasons I adore my job and yes I am enjoying the snow day and the clear roads. Wonderful!