Friday, July 26, 2013


It's amazes me how easy it is to fall into forgetting and allow this body to fill with a tension born from a busy, frenetic mind and a swirl of unresolved emotions.
I forget the one thing that always helps me... more than hours on my zafu cushion, more than pages of inspirational words, or two dozen cookies or positive pandering or senseless bemoaning.  I forget that perhaps the one thing I need most is an immersion in the natural world.  A sense of belonging to something infinitely greater than the imaginary me I entertain in my dreaming.
And then I find her and she cradles me in wide arms and sings me sweet lullabies through bird songs and breezes, with bubbling streams and swaying branches.
 Until my whole soul breathes an audible sigh of release.
 She is my lover.  When there are no other arms to sink into and no other hands to hold...she is enough.
 And in her eyes I am reminded of a beauty so wide that I can not be excluded from its grandeur.
 I stand in her grace, humbled and amazed until the only response is a heart overflowing with love.
 And a promise tumbles from my lips, "I am yours" and the breeze blows and the birds sing and the branches sway and my heart beats and all is well.

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