Thursday, March 27, 2014

Reggio wandering

 We slept til 11AM.  Literally.  Then pulled ourselves together and went out wandering in the city.  The colors here are so beautiful, each one playing off the other in a palette of Tuscan beauty.
 I have to say that my nature soul is missing soft earth and the open splendor of wide horizons but the brick and stone streets curving down alleys opening onto inviting piazzas are beautiful in their own right.
 There is an inordinate amount of graffiti here and all of it appears to be fairly recent.  It is interesting.  This one struck me.  The artist suggesting a bunny, projecting a shadow hand onto the wall, was such a wonderful inside-out perspective.  It reminded me of one of the lessons of this trip, drop your assumptions of what IS and allow space for what can BE.
I'm looking forward to a return trip home on Saturday into David's arms and my boys' sweet smiles.  

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