Sunday, March 23, 2014

supper at 61.1 in Reggio Emila

 So dinner was FANTASTIC!! We went to a fabulous restaurant on a little side street.  I was with a gaggle of women led by two of our instructors and the restaurant we had initally set off for was closed. We began wandering down alleys in search of possibilities when we spotted a lovely Italian couple.  In my very worst italian and very biggest smile I asked them "Dove' bene ristorante?"  To which she replied in perfect English that there were a number to choose from and pointed us in the direction of 61.1 where she and her husband were dining for the evening.  We walked together over cobblestone streets to glass doors that opened onto a beautiful room with great art, ambiance, people and FOOD.  We ate with abandon and talked for the next three hours.
 I love Italy!  How there is no real rush and everything is intentionally slowed down so that life can be savored.
 Now off to bed.  Ciao!

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