Friday, October 24, 2014

unspeakable beauty

When I am in nature, cradled in her wide arms, far from the proximity of human and cell reception, I exhale fully, from the bottom of my belly.
I relax.
Why?  I don't harbor a rose colored illusion of nature.  I often encounter mountain lion scat and approaching storms.  Nature is exactly as it is.  I respect it but I don't pretend to understand it and have no desire to change it.  I don't hurry to the next season or horizon.  I am too busy being thunderstruck by the waving grass, the changing leaf, the colors and smells, the melody and vistas, the beauty.  Nature is as it is and on some deep level I accept that, trust that and relax.
What is it in human that causes us to push against the NOW of our own experience?  Are we unnatural?  Or do we mistakenly believe ourselves to be and act accordingly?  As I turn to face my life, as it is right now, uncertain, vulnerable and changing, can I exhale from the bottom of my belly with a deep trust, that I am natural? That I am as I am, in this moment, unspeakably beautiful, as is.
Perhaps life is simply an invitation to live.

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