Tuesday, July 17, 2007


My nickname is "bird".
It's been "bird" since I was four years old, when I earned the prestigious title after a determined effort at fledgling flight. Unfortunately I never actually took off. Perhaps the grade of the driveway wasn't steep enough or my enthusiastic, thin arms didn't flap at the appropriate velocity. Maybe the wind wasn't in my favor or I didn't believe in myself with the necessary abandon.
Who knows why great attempts of the young should fail?
Regardless, I bear the ornithological title with honor.
It's proven an appropriate name. I've lived my life with an eye on the horizon, unconsciously testing the wind for flight and watching the drift of nebulous clouds across azure sky. Spiraling currents beckon me toward updrafts. I've been cautious of cages and rarely rest on a single branch, lest a cage grow up around me and tether me to earth.
Not so now, now I have a BirdHouse.
Shane encouraged me to set up a studio. He fashioned shelving and workspace. I decorated it with Angelina flair. When asked what we should call it, I said "The BirdHouse", without hesitation.
For the first time in my life I can honestly say that I feel at home and the sky and land are united.
Who would have guessed it?

"I skipped over water, I danced over sea and all the birds of the air couldn't catch me."

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