Sunday, July 8, 2007


Owen has been gone three and a half weeks and it seems like years. Motherhood is such a stabilizer for me, particularly meeting the diverse needs of an infant and a seven year old. I find myself skipping meals and precious hours of sleep without the constant reminder of "I'm hungry" or "tired" and the need to nurture and nourish. Amazing that I would have time to even ponder these absences given the beautiful laughing baby that sits eagerly on my hip, pulling at strands of hair while twisting in prime acrobatic fashion. Yet the needs of a seven year old and the needs of a six month old are quite different and the absence of one creates a space around which I must reconfigure my daily life. This respite affords Shane and I some much needed time to remember each other and yet we often share in missing the wild, pensive philosopher that is my son.

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