Saturday, July 7, 2007


The summer warmth lent its wayward ease to my afternoon, caressing my travel worn body into an afternoon nap. I fell into a deep, sun soaked, slumber, full of threaded imagery weaving itself into memory laden pictures, each crafted for my eyes only. I awoke to Bodhi's face, silent, engrossed in a tapestry of his own making. I crept from bed with practiced stealth and peaked outside for a view of Papa. Shane lingered over his work, sweat darkening the red bandanna at his forehead. Paused in the door frame, a picture of female sentimentality, I smile. Fortuna has spread her lofty mantel of joy across my life, spilling grace and blessings in great pools of satisfaction. I, her humble devotee, turn my face upward as twilight winks its remaining light in a tribute to a day ripe with contentment.

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OniBaloni said...

Bodhi, Arizona sun is not near soft enough with you absent. Say, "mmmmmmmmaaaaaa" to Mama and reach your precious arms up for the girl child who brightens my life. Give Dad a smile and Owen a twinkle. I love you Shmoozer! onibaloni