Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day

Hiking on the first day of the New Year is my FAVORITE way to begin a year, particularly on a hike with two of the most marvelous hiking partners a person could hope for.
We began a creekside trek near Evergreen and stood for some time simply marveling over the beauty and majesty of the ice and water.
In a few short minutes Bodhi woke up from his brief nap to see what all the OOOHING and AAHING was about.
Owen took several opportunities to throw rocks at the heavy ice in hopes of sending it swirling down stream.
Unfortunately, he set off without a jacket ("Mom it's your fault, why didn't you tell me to get my coat". Hello! It is winter in Colorado, aren't coats a given?) And so after much hullabaloo, he put on Bodhi's tiny red down jacket and frolicked about.We caught sight of this wonderful bird. It dove repeatedly into the icy waters and then hopped onto the bank of ice and did a bobbing dance before taking another frigid swim. Each time it emerged it was met with a great booming applause from the boys.And then Owen found some tiny fairy cones Which he gathered for the fairy house at home.
The trail was icy and I kept asking Bodhi to hold my hand, of course Bodhi is not very fond of holding anyone's hand and so devised the brilliant plan of holding his own hands. Any time the trail got slippery he would grip his hands and say "I holding my own hands Mama" or "I am my own brother" and safely plod along.Owen caught sight of thisand said it looked like a two dimensional DNA and started talking at length about the helix structure of DNA's while Bodhi, holding his own hands, said Hi to everyone that came within shouting distance...And me...
I just radiated that proud mama vibe and counted my blessings for the best New Year's day I could have hoped for.


rochelle said...

Simply splendid.

Sarah said...

You take beautiful photographs.