Sunday, February 8, 2009

Boyhood... so beautiful, so precious, so transient. I read a poem recently by Billy Collins that encapsulates the importance of respecting and protecting the magic of childhood. I will share it with you at the end of this post, but let me first tell you how the day began. I have been a bear, a growling, grumpy pain in the backside mama-bear and there is no way around it. I could blame it on my illnesses but that would be a cop out, I could say that I am overwhelmed by the busy-ness of my life but that would be a whine session, so I will just say I have been moody...PERIOD. This morning I stood folding the six loads of clean laundry on the table (which I ignored yesterday) and asked to be left alone. Owen was a bit hurt and sequestered himself in his room, when he emerged he announced, "I am the pink panther today". Looking at him, my heart melted and swooned, while guilt over my scowling demeanor tried to chase me into a corner, I just stopped and looked at the magic and mystery of my son. He asked for a mustache and I offered the scarf and glasses and the result is brilliant. (Of course Bodhi is quick to jump on the drama train and quickly found a hat and said,"Mama paint Bodhi"... the resulting cowboy is SO Bodhi.)

Owen is not one to dress up when nobody is looking, nope that is definately not his style, and so the Three Amigos, are off for a day in the city... museum hopping and eating out.

And I am left contemplating the beauty of my kids and the strange affliction of adulthood.

Click here to read the promised poem


Anonymous said...

you have such a beautiful look on life, such an inspiration!

love and light to you!


china cat said...

but he wouldn't be the pink panther - he would be inspector clouseau. who i have found to be quite like my very own raphael. he walks one way, quickly realises his mistake, and then charts his course in the other direction, head first. oh the silly-ness!
you are lovely and as beautiful as ever. i hope your blue butterfly lept into flight and carried you in its fluttering wake. i await your arrival here...

Anonymous said...

Angelina - Every time I read your blog I cry :) So beautifully written and seems to hit my soul. Thank you for the poem. My sweet Sam turns ten in March.

Angelina said...

Thank you Peggy, thank you to all of you for leaving a post, it always means so much to me when I receive any feedback.