Friday, February 27, 2009

How to build a castle with a fabulous eight year old.
First you need to make a floor plan. We checked out a small mountain of library books.
Next, Owen devoured these resources and began a series of diagrams, drawings and floor plans.

Next, make a model out of clay(well Mom didn't have clay, but I do know how to make a mean play-dough, so that is what we did). Owen began sculpting immediately.Bodhi, was equally inspired (or he just wanted to be like Owen) and began, squeezing, poking, cutting and eating the playdough with a wild abandon.
The castle complete,the next step - paint it. A little wash of food coloring can work wonders, particularly with motes and the like...Next, draw some characters and have mom make a back drop.
These fabulous creations prompted a fabulous story telling/book session (which is in production now).The final step -CLEAN UP of course and there is no one more excited by this than Bodhi.Stay tuned for a link to the upcoming book.

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