Monday, April 27, 2009

weather, lesbian dinosaurs and birthdays

We went to the botanical gardens and marveled over the utter brilliance of color, competing to dazzle the senses and startle the eyes.
During a visit to the koi ponds, Bodhi and Owen discovered some fish pellets and spent the next several minutes cooing to the fish and giggling with abandon!
There was a traveling dinosaur exhibit at the gardens and Owen had a blast trying to find all the dinosaurs hidden within the growing plants.All the talk of Dinosaurs got to Dad and he started telling everyone his favorite dinosaur joke,
"What do you call a lesbian dinosaur?"
"A Lick-a-lot-puss"
Oh my God, I sped ahead red-faced and mortified, laughing to myself about my strokey and wacky, old man. Hilarious!
Bodhi dressed up like a pirate to celebrate the day!

And Owen enjoyed the final day of being eight!Tulips yesterday!And today...What on Earth is going on? Snowy days and Owen's birthday...We will post some birthday photos soon.

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china cat said...

omg! our father is a nut. a mix between feelings of adoration and slight repulsion he does stir! he's a lover, fighter, man man man. enjoy your wacky weather, father, and birthday celebrations.